Kerry's vision, skills and availability encapsulate the partnering spirit that is increasingly taking hold across our church. Working alongside local missioners on the ground he brings a unique and added value to any team, with a truly inspirational and innovative approach to mission accompaniment.

Rev Canon Phil Potter. (Archbishop's Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions)

‘I have known Kerry since we were both involved in leading fresh expression churches as the movement began in the 1990’s. He is one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK with a lifetimes wealth of experience and wisdom and I would highly recommend him.’

Rev Canon Dave Male

(C/E National Adviser Pioneer Ministry)

After two years of mission accompaniment with Kerry I have very much appreciated his creative and strategic mind as I have negotiated my way through the beginnings of my post as Mission Priest. As a result of regularly working together our church has changed and grown. As the Mission Priest leading this work I have valued Kerry’s encouragement, challenge, and support.

Rev Phil Greig

(Mission Priest, Canterbury)

Kerry’s wise insight, understanding and counsel has helped me through a period of intense challenge in a demanding leadership role that has required so much more of me personally than I expected.   Kerry has sharpened my focus on God, pointed me to His faithfulness and helped me to journey better with Him on the road ahead.  I recommend Kerry as a consultant companion to any leader negotiating their way through a bit of life’s terrain that needs someone else to help them on their way.
Rev Tim Montgomery
Director of Mission in Wigan
Diocese of Liverpool

Thank you for a very productive 24 hrs, the program was excellent and very professionally facilitated / delivered by you. I believe when we look back on the event in a few years’ time, we will say The IDLE was a “water shed moment”

Trevor Douglas

Mission development Officer

Diocese of Conor